Friday, October 17, 2008

Spotted:!Akon /new music/and "I Puched a fan and denied it!"

Akon was spotted looking sharp in a black suit at the Spirit of Life awards earlier in the week and the senegalese singer has paired up with Keyshia Cole for a song titled "Work It Out" .Apparently the song didn't even make it as a single for his soon-to-be -released album Freedom,in stores November 25th.

AKON feat Keyshia Cole -"Work It Out".

In other Akon news ,I'm thinking that he should do a song called "I punched a fan and I denied It " because his publicist claims that the video footage on youtube was taken from angle that did not reflect what really happnened.According to, the publicist said ,
"As you can see from the full, correct footage, Akon is struggling to find his balance and accidentally knocked into the fan. He did not let her fall and gave her a hug and then they started dancing together. She is smiling."

We are shocked to hear that there is a video clip circulating that suggests Akon treated a fan badly during his August 30th performance in Guyana," a statement from the show's promoters, Hits & Jams Entertainment, added. "There were no incident reports stemming from the event. Despite a late start, the concert was a tremendous success, and we hope that Akon will come back soon." Oh well,whatever.
On a serious note ,the singer will be back in court on Dec 1st for throwing a 15 year old boy into an audience in NY.

ps: Is it just me or does Akon look extra dark lately?Maybe it's just
PPS:If you would like to see the video in question,look through my older posts