Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Randomness :Elephant makes Survivor Gabon contestants appreciate life!

Okay,so I've started this section where I will just blog about random things I see that are related to Africa that are either hilarious (like this one),or just stuff that doesn't necessarily fit into any subject we go!

On the last episode of survivor Gabon ,the fang tribe saw an elephant near their area and spent a long time (as the show portrayed) in complete amazement .It was pretty hilarious .Then Ace and Matty got in a canoe and went in for a closer look (did they get the memo on the fact that elephants sometimes kill humans?).According to Matty,seeing the elephant makes him "appreciate life".Who knew an elephant could do that?Ne way,here is footage of the elephant meeting.U have to fast-forward it because I couldn't find footage of just that part.


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