Saturday, April 18, 2009

Akon Involved in Drama?

Akon has a lot going on with promoting his album Freedom,running his record label and clothing line..and now it seems like he will be having to deal with some drama with Suge K. According to yo raps magazine ,Suge Knights people broke into a home of some dude called Detail that is a member of Akon's konvict label to " collect the debt on behalf of Suge Knight".Akon said that he has never had beef with Suge ,saying "We've always been cool," he revealed. "We've always never had no issues ever. We've always had basic conversations and he's a cool dude, always welcomed us when we came to L.A. and vice versa."
Suge's response to Akon's comments was "Whoa ,whoa,whoa,Akon and them telling like that?I don't know nothing about that".
Now Tpain 's dad has issues with Akon and his bro Bu.Shaheed najm said to hiphop weekly mag that "Bu and Akon recently started speaking against me beacause they are trying to get out in front of me with my book.Bu and Akon claims to be muslims but I don't see anything Islamic about their ways.They have essentially stolen my son from me( reffering To Tpain).Akons brother Bu responded by saying ,"He needs to stop blaming everybody for what he's done or failed to do." comment.
Here is a video of Akon addressing the rumours about him and Suge and here is a video of his latest song "Beautiful" that I love.
Akon vs Suge.


African Celebs gracing mag covers!Idris/Kebede/Sal and more!

Its amazing to see that more and more African celebs are gracing mag covers or appearing in magazines.Liya Kebede ,ethiopian model is on the May issue of Vogue magazine alongside some other famous black models who I forget their names.She talks motherhood,modelling ,more babies and more.Pic ur issue up in barnes and noble,or the bookstore wherever you live.I have some sneak pics of her frm the mag.Check them out.They are absolutely stunning!

Did you know that E entertainment reporter Sal Maskela was african?well,south african to be exact.I had a feeling he was,but all this was only confirmed when I saw him in uptown mag's newest issue where he talked about being jazz singer Hugh Masekela's son.He says that "“I sort of learned from my father, who is this international statesman, how to get down with lots of people,I never felt like I had to stay in one box.”Apart from reporting,he is very passionate about extreme sports like surfing and skateboarding and says that he once considered moving in his father's footsteps.Get your latest uptown issue!

And somalian singer K'naan appears in the May issue of the Africa arise mag.I love him!

Lastly,Idris Elba is in the may issue of Giant Magazine and he said that "What you’ll notice about my work is I’m not the lead all the time,”“Leading roles are typically a regurgitation of the same old characters. For me, it’s more exciting to play a totally different character in smaller part and extend my palette.”
Apparently his full name is Idrissa and means "first born leader".Check out the trailer of his new movie obsessed that comes out next Friday,as well as a behind-the-scenes video at Giant magazine.

Naija News:That's not my name!/Dbanj putting a ring on it?/Facebook wars!

Seems like this was an interesting week in Naija news.Psqaure have revealed that everywhere they go ,they are called different names .They say the famous "Do me" song came naturally.Here is the video interview of them.

As I blogged about before ,Naija "Kokomaster" has a "bachelor -type" reality show in the works and I have more details.According to

,"It comprises 12 girls who will reside in a state-of –the-art mansion in Lagos City, while living lavishly as any Kokolette should. During these week

, the young women will be groomed and tested in various Diva tasks and activities in order to determine the one with the greatest Koko Virtues.
Don’t get it twisted! A Kokolette is a “Fully endowed woman with intellectual property” likened to the high achieving Nigerian women of today.
The show will exclusively portray the true lifestyle of the principal Character – D’Banj as a celebrity with a lot of razzmatazz.
The Kokolette who emerges as the winner will win:
• A Chris Aires Diamond ring,
• A brand new convertible car and N5million
• Most importantly, the winner will be D’Banjs Kokolette for one full year and will be his companion at public events both within and outside Nigeria.
The Press conference held on April 17, 2009 at Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, announced the official launch date of the Koko Mansion going on air, 1st of June, 2009."Can't wait!

Seems like Naija singers are using facebook to air each other's dirty laundry.According to linda's blog,
Ikechuku's girlfriend left him for another singer Chini Odogwu.His facebook page said "Kills is single. Women cheat and with your friend too? Of all the women out there, aint life grand?"He then changed his status to "Yeah, personal life off facebook in one week, from then, they can deal with the PA. But best way to move forward is airing shit out. Putting people on blast New York Style. With that said, I hope Chini and Niki have a great life together. Or was it abi? Oh no he was a month ago or so. Men and women are equally animals when they choose to be. Life is all about choices, that's all I'll say"Damn..putting people on blast!

2 face has a new video called Go Out there .I like the lyrics.Wat do u think of all the drama in Naija land?

2 face feat Sway-GO DOWN THERE.

African celeb couple news!:Its a boy..or 2 and Seal a daddy again?

Like I said before ,Djimora may be having a baby boy or twins,as seen by the "Its a Boy" baloon they were toting around while shopping in Hollywood recently.Or they may be having twins!cuteness.Cant wait to see those Afro-Asian babies!
According to Star magazine,"Aoki slept through the entire ceremony, and Ming cried. They were pretty confused as to what was going on,” Okay?Weird.
The source continues "Kimora and her man were married over the summer on a transcontinental trip to Hounsou’s native Benin, Africa ? but they couldn’t make it official in the U.S. because Kimora was still technically married to mogul Russell Simmons; that divorce was finalized on Jan 28, 2009".

"Both Kimora and Djimon wore traditional dashikis,” says our insider. “She went whole hog with the African theme — there were African drums, a traditional ceremony with dancers. . . they even had a hut!”Well congrats to them then!

In other african celeb couple news ,Seal and his wife Heidi Klum are expecting another baby !According to ,"Seal announced the news at his show at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Thursday."(thats the show where he is seen on a pic I posted of him carrying his son Johan).

This will be the third child for Seal and fourth for Heidi,who has a daughter called Leni from a previous relationship.Leni was asopted by Seal and he considers her his daughter and in a dec 2008 interview with Good housekeeping mag,he said that when he drops Leni at school,hes "a mess for the whole day " if she doesn't give him a hug.aaaww...Heidi always looks hawt..even when preggers as she rocks 6 inch heels on Project Runway.Seems she's pregers every other season!

African Celeb Lookalikes:Melaku vs Milan

I was watching college hill south beach on bet last week and was struck by the resemblance between Milan from the show and ethiopian video vixen/actress/rapper Angel "Lola Luv" Melaku Fershagnet.Milan is a 21 year old broadcast journalism major who is a junior at Florida Atlantic University.She is the shows "fashionista" and was already in an argument with the gay dude for apparently calling out..well at least she doesn't "rap".Though I have a feeling I'll be seeing her in some music videos after the show.Let me knw if you think she and Melaku could be long lost twins seperated at birth.

Sandra from ANTM talks future+Pre show pics from Sandra and Aminat

Sandra Nyanchoka,the kenyan contestant who was on the current season of America's Next Top Model wants you to know that she's not a bitch.According to an interview she did post show with ,she said ,"No. I’m free and nice and normal. I’m not a psycho, evil, competitive, monster model robot. You shouldn’t judge me based on what they see on show. I also was more dedicated and tried way harder than they showed".She went onto say,
"I knew they’d pick one of us to bring drama into the house and they thought I’d bring drama. There’s always a house bitch and I think they wanted it to be me this time. It was edited to look much worse than it was. It was edited to make it my fault. I shouldn’t be judged by this. I wasn’t a bitch.".Okay then,whatever you say Sandra.

When asked asked about the ugly red shoes to she wore all the time to panel,she said that they ere a gift from her mother and she wore them for good luck.(or juju.).lol
As for her future ,she says that she will continue pursuing a career in journalism and modelling as well.She also made an appearance on the Tyra show were she was rocking some new hair.Tyra told her to go back to the short hair she had on before.

I found some pre modelling pics of her and fellow african contestant Aminat.Aminat actually modelled for a company called "Afrigang" apparel that makes tees and other clothes.The designer is a nigerian called Ice berg slim and he's my facebook friend.What a small world!Enjoy the pics and let me knw whether you think Sandra looked better with or without the hair!

Spotted:Seal rocks black nail polish/Iman shops in Soho/Djimora

"Kiss from a rose" singer Seal was spotted with him and Heidi Klum's adorable son Johan .Cuteness!my only concern is that black nail polish hes rocking.Maybe his adopted daughter Leni needed a test dummy for mummy's new nailpolish?Just saying.Seal was spotted again taking Johan with him to a show he was doing at Radio City Music Hall later that night.Boys night out.aaaww..

Iman was spotted shopping it up in nyc's trendy shopping spot Soho(love that place).And I love the outfit!she rocked a laid back and casual look and paired the outfit with her own Iman Global chic bag.Anyone who can look like that at 50 is a rockstar!love Iman.

Djimon Hounsou and his phat farm designer baby mama Kimora ,were spotted shopping recently.They used the moment to tell the world that they are expecting a baby boy as you can see from the baloons!cant wait to see that baby.From now on,I will be referring to the couple as Djimora,a name that my cousin Claude came up with.SHOUTOUT TO CLAUDE!Im not too sure if the baloon was meant to fool the paps,as Kimora is very secretive (hiding behind Djimon sometimes).I also heard that they may be having twin boys instead of just one.We'll see!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Randomness:Sandra is not America's Next Top Model /D'Banj new reality show/Editors note

Sandra ,the Kenyan who was competing in America's Next Top Model's ongoing season left the show a couple of weeks ago after being eliminated by Tyra and the other judges.She looked like she was toning down the drama ,but I guess the chick just couldn't take any pics well.Model face ,but I guess that doesn't translate into a picture.Im glad I dont have to see those red shoes anymore.So thankful!Maybe we should send her a box of shoes to expand her

In other news ,according to linda 's blog ,Nigeria's "Kokomaster" D'banj will be the star of a new reality show where nigerian ladies will compete for his heart.Aka the african version of "For the Love of Ray J" or "Flavor of Love" or "The Bachelor".It will be called the "koko mansion" and ladies will have to participate in challenges as well.Weaves will be flying ,and storylines from naija movies may be obtained from here .Lol.I'll have updates when the show is here.

I just wanted to update everyone on where I'm at right now.I got to meet the lovely Nonhle Thema who is a vj from south africa and got to shadow her for a day.Was great!peep the video and pics on fb!And I have been offered a chance to write for an african mag called ,which is great .I am also an entourage member of as well .Im thankful for ur support!

3rd Eye needs ur support!+SHOUTOUTS!

I always try to talk about african artists that are trying 2 be successful in the music industry ,or who are already receiving relative airplay in their respective countries ,but who you may have not yet been introduced to.So I heard about these malawian artists called 3rd eye and Dominat respectively,from a malawian friend called kalole.

Here's the bio of 3rd EYE.
Now after releasing his solo debut, the critically approved debut 'Imagine being Jesus and not knowing it' in the winter of 2007 and consequential stints with the German Goethe Institut and Madonna's Raise Malawi among others in addition to a monumental performance at last year's Lake of Stars festival alongside longtime protege Dominant One, we now await the release of his sophomore offering "Taking kandy from a blind baby" on April the 3rd this year. This release is to be followed by the first ever nation-wide Malawian hip hop tour. Raise your glasses for the masses!

With the game being so industry-driven, good hip hop is hard to come by.This Malawian raised emcee/producer refuses to be part of this craze they now call 'hip hop' and thus at an early age set out to make it right. His emcee style is a mixture of old school and 'true' school. He sounds like old school LL Cool J with a Tribe Called Quest flow added to remarkable lyrical content. He has worked with a zambian artist called C4 (whose bestfriend I happen to know...small world)and others.

Here is the MYSPACE PAGE.
Check it out for music and videos from the two.What do you think?Hawt or not?Let me knw Africa!Support ur fellow africans cuz one day you may be asking for their autographs.Just saying...

Estelle Rock'd It better:According to CL.

Seems like Estelle took my advice abt the stylist like i mentioned before ,and seems like gossip website concrete loop agrees with me as 36% of readers on that site think that the senegalese "american boy" singer rock'd those riding boots better than Janelle Monae.What do you think?Who rock'd it better?You may peep the results BY CLICKING HERE.

What do u think?Agree or disagree?

Inspired by Africa:College candy talks fashion!

I haven't done my inspired by Africa section in a while :I will be moving it to facebook soon to draw more readers and have it linked to this site so that you have to actually come to the blog to read the whole story.

Anway, is a college site that I write for and they recently did a post on how to wear Tribal fashions which are basically african-inspired .Designers tend to look at africa for their spring/summer collections and this year is not different.Im actually thinking of having Arietta Mujay ,who is a successful african stylist to actually show you how to put these pieces together in a later post .So ,if you are trying to rock the "Tribal" or Afro-centric look ,THEN HERE IS HOW YOU ROCK IT!

Rwandese Singer Corneille signs to Motown + shoutouts!

Cornielle Nyungura is a singer whose music I have been exposed to for a while ,so when I read in vibe magazine and Uptown mag that he has been signed to Motown Records,which is the same record company that Akon is signed to,I was really happy because now his music will have an outlet in the us.He usually sings in french,but has produced an english album called the "Birth of Corneilious" which came out last month .He is rwandese and the 32 year old is ready to become a household name in the us ,which is probably the few countries where he is not known.
I asked my bestfriend Tresor for an opinion on Corneille and here's what he had to say "I like Corneill'e music because i believe he sings with his heart. in way he shares his secret garden and he does it with passion. His lyrics express a lot of pain but i think that's what makes it so intense."See,Its not just

Check out his interview with Vibe magazine here
He also has a mention in Uptown magazine's february issue ,But I can't find the link to that.Check out a video of his below and you can see more of him on youtube ,and if you love his music,get his cd in stores .This is one of my fave english songs of his so check it out.Enjoy!