Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sandra from ANTM talks future+Pre show pics from Sandra and Aminat

Sandra Nyanchoka,the kenyan contestant who was on the current season of America's Next Top Model wants you to know that she's not a bitch.According to an interview she did post show with ,she said ,"No. I’m free and nice and normal. I’m not a psycho, evil, competitive, monster model robot. You shouldn’t judge me based on what they see on show. I also was more dedicated and tried way harder than they showed".She went onto say,
"I knew they’d pick one of us to bring drama into the house and they thought I’d bring drama. There’s always a house bitch and I think they wanted it to be me this time. It was edited to look much worse than it was. It was edited to make it my fault. I shouldn’t be judged by this. I wasn’t a bitch.".Okay then,whatever you say Sandra.

When asked asked about the ugly red shoes to she wore all the time to panel,she said that they ere a gift from her mother and she wore them for good luck.(or juju.).lol
As for her future ,she says that she will continue pursuing a career in journalism and modelling as well.She also made an appearance on the Tyra show were she was rocking some new hair.Tyra told her to go back to the short hair she had on before.

I found some pre modelling pics of her and fellow african contestant Aminat.Aminat actually modelled for a company called "Afrigang" apparel that makes tees and other clothes.The designer is a nigerian called Ice berg slim and he's my facebook friend.What a small world!Enjoy the pics and let me knw whether you think Sandra looked better with or without the hair!

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