Saturday, April 18, 2009

African Celebs gracing mag covers!Idris/Kebede/Sal and more!

Its amazing to see that more and more African celebs are gracing mag covers or appearing in magazines.Liya Kebede ,ethiopian model is on the May issue of Vogue magazine alongside some other famous black models who I forget their names.She talks motherhood,modelling ,more babies and more.Pic ur issue up in barnes and noble,or the bookstore wherever you live.I have some sneak pics of her frm the mag.Check them out.They are absolutely stunning!

Did you know that E entertainment reporter Sal Maskela was african?well,south african to be exact.I had a feeling he was,but all this was only confirmed when I saw him in uptown mag's newest issue where he talked about being jazz singer Hugh Masekela's son.He says that "“I sort of learned from my father, who is this international statesman, how to get down with lots of people,I never felt like I had to stay in one box.”Apart from reporting,he is very passionate about extreme sports like surfing and skateboarding and says that he once considered moving in his father's footsteps.Get your latest uptown issue!

And somalian singer K'naan appears in the May issue of the Africa arise mag.I love him!

Lastly,Idris Elba is in the may issue of Giant Magazine and he said that "What you’ll notice about my work is I’m not the lead all the time,”“Leading roles are typically a regurgitation of the same old characters. For me, it’s more exciting to play a totally different character in smaller part and extend my palette.”
Apparently his full name is Idrissa and means "first born leader".Check out the trailer of his new movie obsessed that comes out next Friday,as well as a behind-the-scenes video at Giant magazine.

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