Monday, April 6, 2009

The Randomness:Sandra is not America's Next Top Model /D'Banj new reality show/Editors note

Sandra ,the Kenyan who was competing in America's Next Top Model's ongoing season left the show a couple of weeks ago after being eliminated by Tyra and the other judges.She looked like she was toning down the drama ,but I guess the chick just couldn't take any pics well.Model face ,but I guess that doesn't translate into a picture.Im glad I dont have to see those red shoes anymore.So thankful!Maybe we should send her a box of shoes to expand her

In other news ,according to linda 's blog ,Nigeria's "Kokomaster" D'banj will be the star of a new reality show where nigerian ladies will compete for his heart.Aka the african version of "For the Love of Ray J" or "Flavor of Love" or "The Bachelor".It will be called the "koko mansion" and ladies will have to participate in challenges as well.Weaves will be flying ,and storylines from naija movies may be obtained from here .Lol.I'll have updates when the show is here.

I just wanted to update everyone on where I'm at right now.I got to meet the lovely Nonhle Thema who is a vj from south africa and got to shadow her for a day.Was great!peep the video and pics on fb!And I have been offered a chance to write for an african mag called ,which is great .I am also an entourage member of as well .Im thankful for ur support!


Dan said...

I think every 1 was getting tired of lookin at those red shoes lmao!! geez i get it ya like red but c'mon change em shoes alreadii, i thought i was the 0NLY 1 that noticed the shoes haha!! i hate to say this, but she brings a bad name to us africans cuzz she was drama, geezz, too cocky, thats N0T wat we r all bout thank G0D shes out!!

Mazuba said...

I totally agree!she was def giving africans a bad name..