Monday, April 6, 2009

3rd Eye needs ur support!+SHOUTOUTS!

I always try to talk about african artists that are trying 2 be successful in the music industry ,or who are already receiving relative airplay in their respective countries ,but who you may have not yet been introduced to.So I heard about these malawian artists called 3rd eye and Dominat respectively,from a malawian friend called kalole.

Here's the bio of 3rd EYE.
Now after releasing his solo debut, the critically approved debut 'Imagine being Jesus and not knowing it' in the winter of 2007 and consequential stints with the German Goethe Institut and Madonna's Raise Malawi among others in addition to a monumental performance at last year's Lake of Stars festival alongside longtime protege Dominant One, we now await the release of his sophomore offering "Taking kandy from a blind baby" on April the 3rd this year. This release is to be followed by the first ever nation-wide Malawian hip hop tour. Raise your glasses for the masses!

With the game being so industry-driven, good hip hop is hard to come by.This Malawian raised emcee/producer refuses to be part of this craze they now call 'hip hop' and thus at an early age set out to make it right. His emcee style is a mixture of old school and 'true' school. He sounds like old school LL Cool J with a Tribe Called Quest flow added to remarkable lyrical content. He has worked with a zambian artist called C4 (whose bestfriend I happen to know...small world)and others.

Here is the MYSPACE PAGE.
Check it out for music and videos from the two.What do you think?Hawt or not?Let me knw Africa!Support ur fellow africans cuz one day you may be asking for their autographs.Just saying...

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Daniel said...

ayo 3rd! big up gud work one love!
Publicize the Disciplin!
Dann-PDeez ndani ya Nairoberry