Tuesday, February 26, 2008

African Baby Carrying

This has come a very long way! If you have seen all those modern baby carriers.....ask yourself:
Where did they come from? Well you guessed right- we have something similar in Africa! See how marvellous the continent is! Our ancestors were so intelligent that they figured out a way of carrying babies around so that they wouldn't have to leave them unattended while performing their daily chores.

Therefore today, many parts of Africa practice this method of baby carrying:

The child is placed on the mother's back. Usually baby carrying is introduced to infants who are at least 3/4 months after birth- it may even go up the age of 2 years of age( Depending on the child's weight). Okay back to instructions; then the baby is wrapped in a nice piece of cloth and tied to the mother's back (it doesn't have to be the mother...it can be any responsible person). There are many ways of wrapping the baby to the back- its really the mothers choice!(or any responsible person). African baby carrying is an awesome way of doing two things at once- looking after a child while attending to other things e.g cooking, washing etc. It isn't practiced in the villages only as people may assume.This is why when you are walking in the streets of most African countries, you will see many proud women and girls walking around carrying babies on their backs (with beautiful cloth wraps) while they are selling goods or simply having a good time!

By the way if you want to try it just make sure that the cloth is well tied so that you don't drop the baby! Otherwise African children enjoy it-they even go to sleep if they trust the person carrying them and if the person has a nice comfortable back!

Isn't that an original way of being proud of being African!

(if you would like to correct or add in more information please feel free to kindly post your comments)

Nhlanhla Nciza launches Clothing line.

You probably recognize her as the other half of the award-winning,chart-topping South African group of Mafikizolo.The now only two member group (One member passed away in a car crash a few years ago) have released songs that have kept us jiving on the dance floors be it in Ethiopia,Zambia,Namibia or wherever.I remember seeing them live when they performed at South Africa's Independence celebrations last year.Any way,Nciza has created quite a name for herself as a solo artist.She launched her first solo album about close to a year ago and is now the face of Sunsilk.She declined an offer to open for Mary J Blige on her "Growing Pains "tour due to a conflict in terms of payments.However,she is still making a name for herself and has branched out into the Fashion industry and recently launched her clothing line which is called NN Vibes.The NN are her initials.I found a video from the launch and one of her music videos so enjoy!

Nhlanthla's Afrofusion Tour.

African Art.

Redecorating one of the rooms in your house or looking for a new touch to make your room look more interesting and reflect you as an African?How about paintings reflecting African art or clay pots like the ones in the pics?These objects will make your room unique and don't be surprised when all your friends start to copy you.So be the first one to make your room more "African" and show your African Pride and spirit.These can be bought at Burlington coat factory .Check in their home decor aisle .Plus,they are affordable.You could find some items for 19.99.So what are you waiting for?

Inspired by Africa.

Don't you remember your mother putting you on her back ?Or your grandmother ?Well,it seems like hollywood celebs have caught onto that and made it a trend.Who needs strollers right?Well,Africa definitely inspired that.We did it first and thats my girl Jocelyn representing there.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

George Bush in Africa.

China 'not US rival' in Africa.

Mr Bush said Africa was not a "zero sum" for the US and China US President George W Bush has said he does not see China as a "fierce competitor" with US interests in Africa. Speaking in Ghana, Mr Bush said it was possible for both countries to pursue their own agendas on the continent. Chinese investment in Africa has risen rapidly in recent years.
But critics say Beijing's policy of not interfering in political affairs undermines Western efforts to use trade to promote good governance. Speaking at a joint news conference with Ghanaian President John Kufuor, Mr Bush said he did not see Africa as a "zero sum" for the US and China. Guest investor Mr Bush said he believed there was room for both countries to invest in Africa "without creating a great sense of competition". "Our policy is aimed at helping people," he said. "Trade helps people." Meanwhile Mr Kufuor defended China against criticism, saying it had not come to Africa as a colonial power, but as a guest acting on African terms. He said Africa would trade with whoever offered the best deal, and that China was proving very competitive. China has invested heavily in Africa in recent years as part of a push to secure oil and energy supplies. Beijing has faced mounting criticism over what some see as a failure to use its influence to put pressure on African states to improve human rights.
Source: BBC NEWS.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Use facebook to make a change in Africa

Ok so everyone seems like they have a facebook account no, right?...Ya well just think...all that time you spend changing your status or adding cool stuff to your profile. Being smart me, I decided hey! Why not use that to an advantage?...So next time you go on facebook...find out how you could help. JOIN A CAUSE OR A GROUP FOR GOOD CAUSE!...You don't even have to worry about payment or donations or whatever...just for joining, a few cents gets added to the donations. If you are the generous type though, you could make a small donation (credit card needed). Ya so don't just waste your time doing nothing, use it doing something.


The purpose of the cause 'Save Darfur' is to end the genocide going on in the east African country, Sudan. It is basically to educate people about what is happening and how to help. If you want to help or want more info, go to facebook and type in 'Save Darfur' in the search icon on the top left of the page. A lot more than one result will come up so you can just pick and choose. Each one you decide to choose will help.


Many of the orphans in Africa lost their parents to AIDS and this cause is trying to do is reduce this. To find this just search it on facebook as well.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Akon is in the Source magazine.

SO ,Akon is in the March 2008 Issue of the Source magazine and according to an interview with the mag,Akon is releasing a new album in the spring and he's switching the focus and content of his music and making it less sexual.He said "The sound won't change but I think the topic matter will.I didn't realize how many young kids I had listening to my songs.I want to f*** you won't be on this record."Hmmm...was that sparked by the controversy he caused when he stimualted sexual activity with a minor while on tour in Trinidad?
He's also working on his clothing line "Konvict" which can be bought on-line.He will be working on Micheal J's new album, and incase you think that all he does is sing about sex and stimulate it on stage,you might be surprised that he has opened up a school in Senegal and various Konfidence academies are in the works.He is also a youth Ambassador.

Are African Videos becoming more sexual?

So we don't batt an eyelash anymore when we see American music videos with the video vixens and lyrics reffering to sex .We all sing "Imma put you to bed" (Bed J Holiday),"Sensual Seduction"(Shaggy) and countless other songs without even thinking sometimes.But the question is "Are our music videos and songs beginning to sound a lot like "Get You in the mood songs?".You know the D Banj Song "Koko" ?Don't have to guess what he means do you?Or how about Arthur's "Cut the Cake?".Or how about the fact that some singers end up with their shirts off during concerts or photo shoots?Because it's hot ?I don't think so......Hey at the end of the day,I know that sex sells and I wasn't exactly wearing long pants and a long shirt during the Ethiopian music video I was in.So here are a couple of African videos.You be the judge....

Tongolo-D Banj

Chomee-Jiva Sexy

The Ivorian Booty Craze!

Okay so everyone knows that booty comes naturally to most African women(Not sure about myself,lol!) but it seems that the booty craze has taken on a life of it's own.According to bbc.co.uk, a whole song celebrating women's booty by Ivorian singers DJ Mix and DJ Eloh has taken the dance clubs by storm and has led to people actually selling stuff that they claim will enhance your rear-end.Some African Teams were even doing the dance after scoring at the Africa cup.So I found the video so judge for yourselves.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Angelique Kidjo wins a Grammy!

Songstress Angelique Kidjo won best contemporary World Album on Sunday's 50th grammy awards.According to www.livedaily.com,the African singer will on February 21ste begin her North American Tour as well as European tour.She won the grammy for her album Djin Djin on which she featured with artists such as Joss Stone,Alicia Keys and Santana.She is spokesperson for Oxfam and has also launched her own charity Batonga.Ticket info is available on her website so we'll keep you posted.

Songs for Vday

African Queen by 2face Idibia

Sweetie Ma Baby by Brikz.

Destiny by Malaika.

Superhomem by Anselmo Ralph.

Temptation by PSquare.

Gifts for Valentines Day.

You can find these gifts at www.joinred.com and the best part is that once you purchase these gifts,the money goes to funding HIV/AIDS programmes in Africa.So check online for prices.

You can find the green bag at Barney's New York.Money goes to Ethiopian women who produce the bags.

The Omni Peace Tshirt with Africa on it can be purcahsed at LAKitson.com .Forty percent of the proceeds from this Tshirt will go to Millenium Promise to end poverty in Africa by 2025.

The black and brown bag is made by Malian women in Mali and can be purchased at www.hallmark.com along with product Red cards .Both products go to African programs to make Poverty history.

Or you could buy jewelery inspired by Africa .Both necklaces can be purchased from Forever 21 .
If you're willing to spend over a 100 dollars ,you can buy the Malachite diamond from www.simmonsjeweleryco.com twenty dollars or more will go towards the Diamond Empowerment Fund ,to support Diamond mining countries like Sierra-Leone.

Inspired by Africa Part 1.(Rihanna wearing a sack)!

You know how some things become Trends in the US and we remember wearing similar if not exactly the same thing?Well this is what the Inspired by Africa section will be about.Except it will be more than clothes.So this is a pic of Rihanna performing at the 2008 Grammy's on Sunday .I'll give you a couple of seconds to tell me what you think her dress looks like.Still don't get it? Remember going to buy charcoal when the electricity would get cut back home?That outfit looks like the sacks they would pack the coal in.No kidding!

African Stars at 2008 Grammys.

This year,the only stars I saw on the red carpet show on Tv were Akon and Seal.Akon wore a classic white suit ,while Seal wore a black suit with a skinny tie.Which look did you like better?

Madonna raises money for Malawi.

On Wednesday Feb 6th,The UN was the venue for Madonna's charity event titled "A night to raise Malawi and UNICEF".The singer was joined at the event by stars such as Tom Cruise,Katie Holmes,Gwen Stefani,Gywneth Paltrow and ofcourse,Africa's very own Calvin Klein model Djimon Hounsou and his girlfriend,Kimora Lee Simmons.

3.7 Million dollars was raised but the event was surrounded by controversy and apparently was seen as a way to raise money only for her foundation "Raising Malawi" and to advertise Gucci who was the sponsor.All I can say is that I hope the money gets where it's needed.Madonna's adopted son is from Malawi.

Africa cup 3rd place and Final games



Saturday, February 9, 2008

Whats Going on (All star Tribute)

I feel that this song can apply to what is happening in Africa e.g Darfur with all the war.This featured Eve,Christina,Nsync,Destiny's Child and many others.I'm sure that you saw this on Mtv.Conflict has got to stop once and for all.

Stars in Africa.

David Beckham recently travelled to West Africa under the Nothing but Nets foundation that works to alleviate Malaria by distributing free mosquito nets around the world in places most affected by the deadly disease.Here is his ad campaign and a video showing how these nets make a difference. Get involved now!

Making Africa a better place.


This is a documentary that follows 18 american college students from a Virginia University to Sierra-Leone.I must add that I strongly disagree with them writing that it is the pooerst country in the world.That is an exaggeration !

This one is from the organisation called Rescue Child.

Make Poverty History.

Feed the Children.

Songs for Africa.

This is one touching song .What they were singing about more than 20 years ago is still happening .Isn't it time for a change?

This one is called "We are the World" .It features Lionel Richie,Micheal Jackson,Stevie Wonder,Diana Ross and many other's and it was sung for Live Aid which raised money for the 1984 famine in Ethiopia. So this is our chance to make Africa a better place.

DON'T GIVE UP AFRICA by Alicia Keys and Bono.

WORKING CLASS HERO by Green Day(written by John Lennon)
This one is about Darfur.

Do your part