Monday, February 18, 2008

Akon is in the Source magazine.

SO ,Akon is in the March 2008 Issue of the Source magazine and according to an interview with the mag,Akon is releasing a new album in the spring and he's switching the focus and content of his music and making it less sexual.He said "The sound won't change but I think the topic matter will.I didn't realize how many young kids I had listening to my songs.I want to f*** you won't be on this record."Hmmm...was that sparked by the controversy he caused when he stimualted sexual activity with a minor while on tour in Trinidad?
He's also working on his clothing line "Konvict" which can be bought on-line.He will be working on Micheal J's new album, and incase you think that all he does is sing about sex and stimulate it on stage,you might be surprised that he has opened up a school in Senegal and various Konfidence academies are in the works.He is also a youth Ambassador.

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