Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gifts for Valentines Day.

You can find these gifts at www.joinred.com and the best part is that once you purchase these gifts,the money goes to funding HIV/AIDS programmes in Africa.So check online for prices.

You can find the green bag at Barney's New York.Money goes to Ethiopian women who produce the bags.

The Omni Peace Tshirt with Africa on it can be purcahsed at LAKitson.com .Forty percent of the proceeds from this Tshirt will go to Millenium Promise to end poverty in Africa by 2025.

The black and brown bag is made by Malian women in Mali and can be purchased at www.hallmark.com along with product Red cards .Both products go to African programs to make Poverty history.

Or you could buy jewelery inspired by Africa .Both necklaces can be purchased from Forever 21 .
If you're willing to spend over a 100 dollars ,you can buy the Malachite diamond from www.simmonsjeweleryco.com twenty dollars or more will go towards the Diamond Empowerment Fund ,to support Diamond mining countries like Sierra-Leone.

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