Sunday, February 24, 2008

George Bush in Africa.

China 'not US rival' in Africa.

Mr Bush said Africa was not a "zero sum" for the US and China US President George W Bush has said he does not see China as a "fierce competitor" with US interests in Africa. Speaking in Ghana, Mr Bush said it was possible for both countries to pursue their own agendas on the continent. Chinese investment in Africa has risen rapidly in recent years.
But critics say Beijing's policy of not interfering in political affairs undermines Western efforts to use trade to promote good governance. Speaking at a joint news conference with Ghanaian President John Kufuor, Mr Bush said he did not see Africa as a "zero sum" for the US and China. Guest investor Mr Bush said he believed there was room for both countries to invest in Africa "without creating a great sense of competition". "Our policy is aimed at helping people," he said. "Trade helps people." Meanwhile Mr Kufuor defended China against criticism, saying it had not come to Africa as a colonial power, but as a guest acting on African terms. He said Africa would trade with whoever offered the best deal, and that China was proving very competitive. China has invested heavily in Africa in recent years as part of a push to secure oil and energy supplies. Beijing has faced mounting criticism over what some see as a failure to use its influence to put pressure on African states to improve human rights.
Source: BBC NEWS.

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