Tuesday, February 26, 2008

African Baby Carrying

This has come a very long way! If you have seen all those modern baby carriers.....ask yourself:
Where did they come from? Well you guessed right- we have something similar in Africa! See how marvellous the continent is! Our ancestors were so intelligent that they figured out a way of carrying babies around so that they wouldn't have to leave them unattended while performing their daily chores.

Therefore today, many parts of Africa practice this method of baby carrying:

The child is placed on the mother's back. Usually baby carrying is introduced to infants who are at least 3/4 months after birth- it may even go up the age of 2 years of age( Depending on the child's weight). Okay back to instructions; then the baby is wrapped in a nice piece of cloth and tied to the mother's back (it doesn't have to be the mother...it can be any responsible person). There are many ways of wrapping the baby to the back- its really the mothers choice!(or any responsible person). African baby carrying is an awesome way of doing two things at once- looking after a child while attending to other things e.g cooking, washing etc. It isn't practiced in the villages only as people may assume.This is why when you are walking in the streets of most African countries, you will see many proud women and girls walking around carrying babies on their backs (with beautiful cloth wraps) while they are selling goods or simply having a good time!

By the way if you want to try it just make sure that the cloth is well tied so that you don't drop the baby! Otherwise African children enjoy it-they even go to sleep if they trust the person carrying them and if the person has a nice comfortable back!

Isn't that an original way of being proud of being African!

(if you would like to correct or add in more information please feel free to kindly post your comments)


Mazuba said...

I remember my mum putting me on her back and she still tells me stories of how the American pipo in stores would ask her for lessons on how to put a baby on your back.good job Jocelyn.

J.C Sapulene said...

thanks maz