Monday, February 18, 2008

Are African Videos becoming more sexual?

So we don't batt an eyelash anymore when we see American music videos with the video vixens and lyrics reffering to sex .We all sing "Imma put you to bed" (Bed J Holiday),"Sensual Seduction"(Shaggy) and countless other songs without even thinking sometimes.But the question is "Are our music videos and songs beginning to sound a lot like "Get You in the mood songs?".You know the D Banj Song "Koko" ?Don't have to guess what he means do you?Or how about Arthur's "Cut the Cake?".Or how about the fact that some singers end up with their shirts off during concerts or photo shoots?Because it's hot ?I don't think so......Hey at the end of the day,I know that sex sells and I wasn't exactly wearing long pants and a long shirt during the Ethiopian music video I was in.So here are a couple of African videos.You be the judge....

Tongolo-D Banj

Chomee-Jiva Sexy

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