Friday, February 8, 2008

The New Usher's ?

I've been in love with Psquare ever since I saw them on Channel O .I'm sure there are so many thousands of girls who agree when I say that they are so hot.Some models in Nigeria thought so too and tried to sneak into their car at a recent concert and apparently,P Square's Body guards did something about that and here is a pic showing one model crying after being mistreated .

On the other hand,don't they look like Usher?They have style,sing slow and sexy songs for the ladies and pose topless .Nice pacs ,huh?I know I'm not complaining and after all,Usher is married now,has a kid and is kinda old now so I'm sticking to my African hotties ! Lol

1 comment:

Kapembwa said...

Actually...the cute one is the one with hair...hehehe