Friday, February 22, 2008

Use facebook to make a change in Africa

Ok so everyone seems like they have a facebook account no, right?...Ya well just think...all that time you spend changing your status or adding cool stuff to your profile. Being smart me, I decided hey! Why not use that to an advantage?...So next time you go on facebook...find out how you could help. JOIN A CAUSE OR A GROUP FOR GOOD CAUSE!...You don't even have to worry about payment or donations or whatever...just for joining, a few cents gets added to the donations. If you are the generous type though, you could make a small donation (credit card needed). Ya so don't just waste your time doing nothing, use it doing something.


The purpose of the cause 'Save Darfur' is to end the genocide going on in the east African country, Sudan. It is basically to educate people about what is happening and how to help. If you want to help or want more info, go to facebook and type in 'Save Darfur' in the search icon on the top left of the page. A lot more than one result will come up so you can just pick and choose. Each one you decide to choose will help.


Many of the orphans in Africa lost their parents to AIDS and this cause is trying to do is reduce this. To find this just search it on facebook as well.

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