Friday, June 19, 2009

Psquare pop champagne in ATL and NY+cause girls to pass out+Kimora and Djimon name the baby!/Idris hosting Essence summer show

Our fave nigerian singer twins Psqaure (peter and Paul Okoye)have landed in the us of A!They partied it up limo -style in atl popping bottles and the works .They then took in the sights of NY.I guess they are here for touring reasons.Im just mad they were in nyc and I didnt knw.I need more who is that chick Peter or Paul is holding onto so tight?does she even knw who they are?I thought one of them was married.Oh wells..just saying.They even met up with Busta Rhymes.
Speaking of psqaure,here are some pics of girls fainting at their show in Gambia.Hilarious!lol .Oh and no visit to the us is complete without getting a bigg ass tattoo right?(*sideeye at Psqaure)...thats how u knw its people's first time in the not mad at the limo though.Vip all the way!lol

Anyway,enjoy the pics..

In other celeb fab news ,Kimora and Djimon welcomed a baby boy into the world.U saw the before labor pics here and they have apparently named the child Kenzo ,which according to the ybf "has Japanese origins and is used for boys and means Wise and Three. Baby Kenzo Lee Hounsou is the third baby of the bunch and Kimora is 1/4 Japanese (and 1/4 Korean).
The Kimora clan issued a statement saying ,
"Welcome Kenzo Lee Hounsou. Kimora’s + Djimon’s baby boy was born on Saturday May, 30th. He was 8 lbs and 20 inches".Super cute.Cant wait to see the baby!

The fabulousness that is Idris Elba will be hosting the 2009 Esssence Music Festival which will feature Solange and Beyonce as well as other singers in New Orleans.Yummy Idris!lol

Want to smell like Akon?/bff's with sa president ?/mugshot pics

Because it is not enough to sell millions of records and have a clothing line and be a producer,Akon has added to his Konvict empire by going into the perfume industry.According to ,
"Akon is the latest entertainment notable joining the celebrity scent craze. The “Smack That” star will launch two new fragrances later this year.

"Akon recently formed Konvict Cosmetics, and he is planning to launch Konvicted, a scent aimed at younger consumers, and Aliaune, titled after the singer’s real name and marketed toward a more mature audience".
There were rumours that Akon was afraid for his life after the death of Dolla,one of his Konvict artists,although he seems to be busy touring the globe.
He has been tapped to do the theme song for the world cup 2010 and he met up with south african prez Jacob Zuma recently to dicuss that.Before the meeting ,he said

“I’m going to South Africa for a meeting about the 2010 World Cup. I’m the official music coordinator. It means I’ll produce the official World Cup song and I’ll oversee all the official music,”
And Akon's mugshot for when he was arrested for throwing a kid offstage last year has been released.Still looking ashy as hell.


Estelle for H and M+event pics/Laura Izhibor AOL sessions.

Estelle has teamed up with store H and M to create a tank-top for FASHION AGAINST AIDS.It was launched a few weeks ago and can be bought at H and M stores nation wide.

She was also on the set of Busta's new music video called 'World Go round'.She was at the British Muisc Awards,performed at the grammy celeb tour where she kicked it with LL Cool J .She was at a four seasons of hope event as well and Momaoh.She was at a house of hope chairty event with John Legend as well.

And Laura Izibhor,nigerian irish sensation has been featured in Vibe Magazine,Africa Arise mag and many other sites.She has a new single out that you guys can listen to
LAURA IZIBHOR-From my heart to yours.

Watch more Nu Urban Traxx, Vol. 128 videos on AOL Video

Spotted:Estelle/Akon/Dbanj/Psqaure/Iman/Samantha Mumba/Lola Love

Estelle is all over the place that it's hard to even keep up with her.Here she was spotted in London attending some event.

Akon was at an ultimate prom event.I knw right?Im thinking huh?Hopefully he was noone's prom date.Or else the pic wud be messed up with his ashiness.Seriously.Someone needs to buy him some lotion or something.Vaseline!He was also in london at the same bbc one studio where Idris was spotted some weeks ago.

D'Banj was spotted at some new "Centerstage" reality show in Nigeria and Psqaure were spotted in Atl,Georgia.Yes ,they are here in the us!

Iman was spotted at some makeup artists dvd launch in nyc and what do we have here?Zambian-Irish singer Samantha Mumba(known for her role in Mission Impossible) has been MIA for a while.She was spotted in London and is gearing up for an album release that features Timbaland.

And lastly,Ethiopian model/video chick Angel Lola Luv Melaku was spotted at the summer event in the giant staduim.And she was invited to Pleasure P's album release party as well.I really hope that album has been shelved.

Iman disses Michelle O?+other news/Whose beefing with Seal?

Well what do we have here?Somalian super model Iman caused a stir when she basically called Michelle Obama not very beautiful.Here is her direct quote.

“Mrs. Obama is not a great beauty. But she is so interesting looking and so bright. That will always take you farther. When you’re a great beauty, it’s always downhill for you. If you’re someone like Mrs. Obama, you just get better with age.”
Hmmm..i guess Iman is speaking about herself?I mean shes not very pretty herself.And I love Mrs O so this round goes to Michelle.I guess Mrs O was the bigger person as she invited Iman to some white house women's event and didn't comment.

In other news,Iman was spotted in nyc at a dvd release party for makeup artist Sam something and she was partying it up with Deborah Cox at the event.She also covers the latest J'adore magazine to celebrate their two year anniversary.Here are some quotes from the interview.

Iman on Fashion

“In fashion, most women know what looks good on them and I don’t mean those who are stuck in their ‘high school years’ look–you know who you are! Most women want to follow the up-to-the-minute trends and that is when they get into trouble. You are supposed to make trends work for you and not make you a fashion victim. “

Iman on Africa.
I AM AFRICAN, so I am staying on course to make the work that we started a reality to more Africans. All I want for Africans is what is possible for the West, which is AIDS no longer being a death sentence, but a manageable disease as long as you can take your medication. I want that for Africans. I am not a scientist
, but I wish we can find a cure for AIDS in my lifetime.”

Interesting.She also appeared on in harpers bazaar's june issue to commemorate models who have chaged the fashion industry.I see she's still getting her mullah!

In other celeb feud news ,fashion designer Karl Lagefield is still beefing with model Heidi Klum and this time,he had a few words for her husband Seal ,saying
"I am no dermatologist but I wouldn't want his skin.I am no dermatologist but I wouldn't want his skin.Mine looks better than his.He is covered in craters".

Seems like everyone apart from him knws that Seal's skin is a result of a skin disease he had as a child.Hi Hater!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Up and coming Nigerian rapper Wale (real name Olubowale Victor Akintimehin) who was born and raised in Washington, DC has a new Vid featuring the one and only Lady Gaga. I'm feeling this's chill. ENJOY!