Friday, June 19, 2009

Spotted:Estelle/Akon/Dbanj/Psqaure/Iman/Samantha Mumba/Lola Love

Estelle is all over the place that it's hard to even keep up with her.Here she was spotted in London attending some event.

Akon was at an ultimate prom event.I knw right?Im thinking huh?Hopefully he was noone's prom date.Or else the pic wud be messed up with his ashiness.Seriously.Someone needs to buy him some lotion or something.Vaseline!He was also in london at the same bbc one studio where Idris was spotted some weeks ago.

D'Banj was spotted at some new "Centerstage" reality show in Nigeria and Psqaure were spotted in Atl,Georgia.Yes ,they are here in the us!

Iman was spotted at some makeup artists dvd launch in nyc and what do we have here?Zambian-Irish singer Samantha Mumba(known for her role in Mission Impossible) has been MIA for a while.She was spotted in London and is gearing up for an album release that features Timbaland.

And lastly,Ethiopian model/video chick Angel Lola Luv Melaku was spotted at the summer event in the giant staduim.And she was invited to Pleasure P's album release party as well.I really hope that album has been shelved.

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