Friday, June 19, 2009

Want to smell like Akon?/bff's with sa president ?/mugshot pics

Because it is not enough to sell millions of records and have a clothing line and be a producer,Akon has added to his Konvict empire by going into the perfume industry.According to ,
"Akon is the latest entertainment notable joining the celebrity scent craze. The “Smack That” star will launch two new fragrances later this year.

"Akon recently formed Konvict Cosmetics, and he is planning to launch Konvicted, a scent aimed at younger consumers, and Aliaune, titled after the singer’s real name and marketed toward a more mature audience".
There were rumours that Akon was afraid for his life after the death of Dolla,one of his Konvict artists,although he seems to be busy touring the globe.
He has been tapped to do the theme song for the world cup 2010 and he met up with south african prez Jacob Zuma recently to dicuss that.Before the meeting ,he said

“I’m going to South Africa for a meeting about the 2010 World Cup. I’m the official music coordinator. It means I’ll produce the official World Cup song and I’ll oversee all the official music,”
And Akon's mugshot for when he was arrested for throwing a kid offstage last year has been released.Still looking ashy as hell.


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