Saturday, April 18, 2009

Akon Involved in Drama?

Akon has a lot going on with promoting his album Freedom,running his record label and clothing line..and now it seems like he will be having to deal with some drama with Suge K. According to yo raps magazine ,Suge Knights people broke into a home of some dude called Detail that is a member of Akon's konvict label to " collect the debt on behalf of Suge Knight".Akon said that he has never had beef with Suge ,saying "We've always been cool," he revealed. "We've always never had no issues ever. We've always had basic conversations and he's a cool dude, always welcomed us when we came to L.A. and vice versa."
Suge's response to Akon's comments was "Whoa ,whoa,whoa,Akon and them telling like that?I don't know nothing about that".
Now Tpain 's dad has issues with Akon and his bro Bu.Shaheed najm said to hiphop weekly mag that "Bu and Akon recently started speaking against me beacause they are trying to get out in front of me with my book.Bu and Akon claims to be muslims but I don't see anything Islamic about their ways.They have essentially stolen my son from me( reffering To Tpain).Akons brother Bu responded by saying ,"He needs to stop blaming everybody for what he's done or failed to do." comment.
Here is a video of Akon addressing the rumours about him and Suge and here is a video of his latest song "Beautiful" that I love.
Akon vs Suge.


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