Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kenya and Nigeria rep Africa on ANTM!

So the new season of America's Next Top Model is on tv ,(not the one where people got trampled over when trying to audition).Anyway ,there are two girls repping Africa.One is frm Nigeria ,her name is Aminat,and the other one's name is Sandra from Kenya.
so far,both girls have been struggling with taking pics.So ,my opinion?I really like Aminat because she looks like she has a face that could be on the runway soon and she is not bitchy ,unlike sandra who seems to think she is an african all,what is up with her red shoes?I mean damn I know that I love my new black ankle boots but they are black,not red.she wears them all the damn time like they are the only shoes she owns.She has a model face and body ,but she also has a big mouth and can't walk for ish.And the worst part is this chick thinks that her walk "Rips the runway".Wtf?Chick needs a Miss J intervention asap!
so ,has anyone watching?does anyone think they will make it to the finale?who do u think takes the better pics and has a better walk?let me knw!

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