Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spotted:Lola Love hits up Vibe Magazine's 15th bday party.

Ethiopian model/video-vixen and actress was spotted at the Vibe Magazine's 15th bday celebration on Tuesday night.
I've seen her in so many pictures and she is pretty and all,plus she 's rich,so why did she look like she was dressed to attend a tea party at the white house?Those shoes are not cutting it and she looks greasy and like she just got botox.I thought models were supposed to pose better than the rest of us.I got the pics from

Speaking of Miss Lola,the vixen is starring in a new Nigerian movie called Crazy Like a Fox".Peep the video trailer.All I can gather is that she's married to a rich white man and is a diva.(In the movie I mean).

It will be opening soon and i guess I'll watch the bootleg version because It might be so bad it will make me laugh.And I can save you the hassle by reviewing it .
I guess that if the movie is a flop,it won't hurt her career that much.I mean she makes money off her butt.

Crazy Like A Fox Trailer-Starring Ethiopian model Lola Love.

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