Monday, August 25, 2008


Senegalese rapper Akon is number 10 on the Hip Hop's Biggest earners list in 2008 (as compiled by Forbes).Even though he hasn't yet released his album,the senegalese 'Locked Up' singer made his cash from his Konvict clothing line ,his Konvict music label and ofcourse,all those guest appearances he makes (most recently with Whitney and Lil Wayne).His new album Aquitted has been scheduled to drop in the first or second week of September (according to the latest issue of Vibe magazine).

Still on the topic of Akon,he has a new reality show in production that will be called "My Brother's Keepers " and according to the singer ,"I’m producing a reality TV show called My Brother’s Keeper. What it is, I have two of my brothers, and if you see them they look exactly like me. Whenever I’m not in Atlanta, they go out posing as me and everyone believes it’s actually me. It’s so crazy, because everyone seriously believes it’s me. They are going around getting VIP treatment, girls, free food at restaurants, free everything and everybody is falling for it. It’s a real life thing, which has got really out of hand in Atlanta, so I decided to take the situation and make it into my advantage by making a reality TV show out of it. They get my life, all the perks without having to put in all the hard work I do. I’m constantly working so I can’t live it, but they are out there living it.”

Akon also has a new clothing line to add to his existing Line.It's called Aliaune.
Nigerian singer Chamillionaire made number 14 with $ 10 mln.I guess it's that deal with Enigizer batteries cuz his last album wasn't that well received.

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