Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mafrika Festival 2008.

Now that it's summer,there are quite a lot of free concerts going on in the city-Ny I mean and this was one of them.i heard about it on The Museum For African Art Calender and I decided to check it out.Well, all I can say is that it was called Mafrika and Not African Festival 2008..cuz some of the music was not exactly African sounding.But there was one part where some guy (The MC I presume ) sang some Rhumba hooks that we were loving..the pics say it all..lol..some upcoming designer showcased her Tumba Tumba designs and some Ethiopian dancers took to the stage ..at least I'm familiar with that..so here are pics of the event and what went down..Oh and I also got a new website to check out-it's called Afrikanspot.com..it has pics of some of the major African events in ny ..u might see yourself there ...so check it out..I saw myself there..

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