Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is Nelson Madela the President of Africa?WTF?

So my mum was telling me that she was talking to this 40 something year old woman in her class about the 46664 concert that was held last week in London and the lady asked my mum this question ,"Why is Mandela so popular?Is he the president of Africa ?Ok is that like one of the dumbest questions ever?Ne way,my mum patiently explained to the woman that Africa is not a country.It is a continent with 53 independent countries that each have their own leaders.then my mum went on to explain Mandela's role in ending Apartheid.So this lady doesn't even know what the hell apartheid is .It amazes me how ignorant people can be or choose to be.I think that Ignorance is no defence.People are just too into their own little worlds to discover what Africa is about.I'm glad that I've travelled enough to know something about other countries other than my own .Because ignorance just doesn't cut it these days .For real.

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Stefania said...

Hello, I stumbled across your blog... I'm an Italian girl, I'm interested in cultures different from my own.

I can't believe what you wrote about that lady not knowing that Africa is not one country!!! Mmmmh, I guess it's just a stereotype, but try to go to youtube and type in 'dumb americans'... Personally I think that the videos are fake, but maybe those people exist everywhere in the world. I don't know where that woman was from, but here in Italy nobody thinks that Africa is one country!!!

I read on your profile that you're Ethiopian. Recently I read a book by an Ethiopian-Italian author, Gabriella Ghermandi, and went to her performance in Venice. Here's a link to one of her performances and books:
I thought it might be interesting for you to read it. For me it was. I never knew what Italians did in East Africa, because as Ghermandi testifies, it is not in history books, completely forgotten, a taboo subject.