Saturday, April 3, 2010

Akon refused visa in Sri Lanka ? Lupe writing a book?+new music

Senegalese singer Akon was denied a visa to Sri Lanka where he was supposed to perform.According to BBC News ,"The ban comes after protests over one of the star's music videos featuring scantily-clad women dancing in front of a statue of Buddha".

Akon did apologize saying he has no idea he had offended some religious groups and his people had "postponed" the show then later cancelled it.Now it looks like Maldives will be welcoming him with open arms as President Mohamed Nasheed's press secretary Mohamed Zuhair claims the hitmaker has accepted the offer to play in the Maldives.

Zuhair says, "We are very happy he is planning to come and perform." The concert is scheduled to take place a day earlier than planned, on April 23.

In other news, fresh off a week long trip to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro,Lupe Fiasco is writing a book.About a window-washer...yeah im as clueless as you ..he stated "I’ve been telling stories and Hip-Hop has been an extension of me telling stories so it’s kind of like me putting it in a more traditional form as far as a book.No date is set as of now..his new album lasers is being promoted now with the singles Lean and "Resurrection " which he did with his buddy Kenna (ethiopian singer ) .The song is a tribute to Haiti..


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