Saturday, April 3, 2010

African Artists pissed about World Cup concert/Jub Jub undergoing counselling


Let me start this article by saying that I WILL BE at the 2010 Soccer world cup this summer..somehow im getting way,there is a scheduled pre-world cup concert on June 9th in Soweto that will feature Alicia Keys ,Black Eyed Peas and more..
however,african artists are upset that the show will feature 50% international artists as they feel that "african artists wont be able to represent their countries "..30% of the singers will be from south africa and 20% from the rest of Africa...

In other news,Jub Jub ,the south african artist who was involved in an accident on 10th March that killed 4 students is out of jail.He was bailed out on a 10,000 rand fee and is now receiving counselling while he waits to be tried...he and his friend were drag racing and were apparently driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.they may be charged with murder ,reckless driving and driving under the influence.Apparently even inmates in jail threatened to kill him as did students that vandalized his home after the incident...

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