Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wale is a Rude boy..and the love Dr.

Loved Wale's set that he did as part of his tour with Wale in NYC..still mad that I didnt hear about it till tickets were sold out..esp since ive been dying 2 interview and meet them both...but i did get to watch it on and im way,Wale is hilarious..and you can just tell from his posts on's their love doctor.basically he writes about love which isnt strange seeing as he said he is an emotional dude during the performance and loves to talk about his here a few exerpts from his latest post ...

"There is nothing more attractive then a woman with a career… not job, but a career. I’m pretty sure a woman would rather date a man with a 9-to-5 then a guy with no job (other then occupying an older family member’s couch) who shows more interest in his Madden stats then your day. There is absolutely nothing wrong with reaching for the stars in your career, but what if it hinders your opportunity for love? "

"These days it feels like everyone’s going for the money. That’s probably why our generation considers fucking > making love. My question to the ones who put their job over love: What happens once you have all the worldly possessions you desire and never find someone you love whole-heartedly? Or who loves you for more then what you own? Just my thoughts, people, just my thoughts…"

Peep the remix he did over Rih Rih's "rude boy" and him and K'naan's collabo called TV in the radio..



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