Friday, September 12, 2008

"I want to be an Icon -Angel "Lola Luv " Melaku + She keeps us guessing about her body.

Lola Love was interviewed for Vibe's 15th anniversary as a video vixen and had lots to say on her career,the issue of whether her assets (insert alternative word) are real or not .Here are a couple of quotes directly taken from vibe's september 2008 issue.

On her career:"I didn't plan to model when I was younger.It was never my plan.It was something I came across and had to run with".

On being in Kanye and 50 cents videos:"For me to be in both Kanye and 50 cent's videos was major.I'm not gonna say how much ,but I got paid the most ever for Kanye's "Good Life"(Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam ,2007).

On the difference between groupies and vixens: "There are groupies and there are video vixens.The treatment and role that I would play would be the main reason I would take a video."

On the rumours that her body is fake :"I'm not sure if I'm gonna address the talk about whether my body is fake or not anytime soon.There are lots of models out there who might not have fat assess or big titties but are still successful"(Huh?Does that mean that they're real?Yeah right)

On her being seen as a role model (Huh?):I eventually want to be looked at as an icon .I also want to be the spokesperson for an AIDS foundation.D.C and Baltimore have the highest HIV rates ,so I want to raise money for minorities.(What about helping an African charity maybe?)There are a lot of young people that look up to me,so I'm trying to show 'em it's more than just modelling".(Yeah,whatever you say )

According to ,Angel will be in a 50 cent movie called "Before I self destruct " that will star 50 and will premiere at the end of '08.I'm gonna do a quick search to see if that "Crazy Like A Fox "movie came out yet.

UPDATE:I forgot to mention that the same site above claims that Melaku wants to pursue a rap career. Really?(Eyebrow raise)

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