Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is Akon Going 2 get "Konvicted" and "Locked Up"?

Does anyone remember the videos that were hitting the net of Akon throwing that Kid into a crowd of people at a concert last summer?Well,on September 3rd,Akon was set to appear in court and face charges of second degree harassment and endangering the life of a minor.He actually pleaded not gulity .So I'm left here like wondering what the f the kid was thinking by throwing something at Akon ,and then i'm thinking how will Akon get away with this when it was caught on tape?Just like how that video of him banging the 15 year old chick on stage caused major drama,this tape did too.I guess He has a thing for young ones.And which incident do you think was worse?The frisbee-style-throw or the dutty-wine style banging session?All i know is,that Trinidad chick enjoyed it more than the other kid. Should Akon have ignored him and continued on with the show?Or did that kid deserve the 15 min of "Shame?".I hear that Akon isn't a stranger to doing stuff like that on stage so I'm sure he will be up to it soon enough.As in as soon as his next album comes out(It has been pushed back to Early October).If Akon is found guilty,he may face a maximum of one year and fifteen days in jail.
Here is the video of Akon tossing the kid off stage.

Side note to Akon:If he still wants to do that stuff,maybe no camera's or phones should be allowed at his concerts.I'm just saying you know.Cuz you can't say it wasn't you when someone has a video(although come to think of it,he said that his bros look almost identical to him,huh?).Okay I'm done with the randomness.
I was going to put up the video of the kid who Akon chucked,but I noticed that so many kids were claiming that they were the kid,so now I don't know who is right.So I just put the one of him being thrown.And it's not meant to embarass the kid or ne thing,just to show people who didn't see it.

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