Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fatima Falls to the bottom two.

This week on America's Next Top Model,Fatima had another rough week .She was criticized by Miss Jay when she forgot to put on her fireman shoes in the challenge that gave them 30 seconds to dress up .And then there is the issue of her "runway walk" which makes her look like a horse or donkey.Let's hope she gets it together by the time the next episode rolls around.

Then there was her photo shoot in which the models had to pose with meat.It seems like she has a signature pose which is the whole "Lips barred back thing" .Not a good look.The African model ended up in the bottom two,at which point she burst out in tears (as all the bottom 2 models seem 2 do),but Tyra saved her.

I have no doubt that Fatima will get a modelling contract if she does not win and I'm sure we will see her face in magazines ranging from Seventeen to Vibe.But the girl needs to get it together cuz Tyra might not save her again.

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