Sunday, March 16, 2008

Perry Madinga "Rips the Runway"!

I had never watched an episode of rip the Runway,the BET show that follows four models from casting calls to actually stepping on the runway and strutting their stuff.However,I was inspired to watch it when I heard that there would be an African Model on the show called Perry Mandinga.Here's a little profile of him.

Name: Perry Mandinga.

Country of Origin : Guniea.

Life before Rip the Runway:Perry began his modelling Career in Portugal ,where he moved to when he was fourteen.He appeared in a Nigerian soap campaign and was a struggling model trying to survive and make ends meet .Now,he lives in Carolina with his wife and twin daughters.

So keep you eyes open-He might be the next Djimon Hounsou-You never know!

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