Sunday, November 30, 2008

Big Brother Africa 3 has a winner!/Past BBA housemate get's hitched!

When BBA 3 started airing ,I was intending to post up daily videos on this blog abt what the housemates were up to and all the drama that would happen.Too bad the show was too dry it was almost painful to watch.After the first one and a half weeks ,I was like "nah" and i never watched any more.I got updates from my friends who did watch it.

So apparently,the show ended about 2 weeks ago and Angolan housemate Ricco won.He was up against Hazel from Malawi.I guess he was pretty entertaining ...I mean the most entertaining should win right?
For a video interview of him,click here

And in other Big Brother Africa news,Big Brother Africa's first winner ,Zambian Cherise "Tumba" Makubale recently got married to some british guy who proposed to her in Venice.Wow!

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