Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Randomness:2010 World Cup Mascot revealed and Iman before/After.

I decided to put up two "The Randomness " posts in one today .Okay,so the mascot for the 2010 soccer world cup in SA (see you there) has been out for a while(since late september),but i don't think many people who are not living in Africa heard about it.So here he is.His name is Zakumi.The "Za" is taken from the afrikaans way of saying "South Africa",and apparently "Kumi" means ten (2010,get it?) in a number of african languages.So what so you think?Is he a good mascot?And what exactly is he?a leopard?or a cheetah?I'm trying to figure that out. I don't know what I think ..mascots are kind of freaky to me .Hmm..

Oh and secondly,I recently found these pics comparing how Iman looked when she was just discovered ,and how she looks now.Very different!That's an understatement actually.What do you think?I guess money makes you look..different?Ne way,I just watched a special on her on BETJ .It was very interesting.So what do you think about the change?

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