Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sweet Rush vs Teyena Taylor.

If you have been keeping up with my blog,you will remember that I mentioned somalian sisters Iman and her sister (whose name I currently can't remember)in my spolite post,where I feature african entertainers who I think will make it big very soon.
So anyway,these lovely ladies were mentioned in GIANT magazine's December issue,and the mag had nothing bad to say about the singers.I told you they were on the way to stardom first,so u knw you heard it here.
Okay,so main story.Guess who isn't rolling out the red carpet for "Sweet Rush " duo?Teyena Taylor ,american teenager who sang "Google Me" and who is Pharrel Williams muse.Apparently ,the girls are all on the same label Universal Motown,and Teyena has started to wear her hair straight cuz she is no longer known as "the chick" with the curly hair .Oh it only gets juicier.Apparently R and B singer Lyold is feeling one of the sisters and Teyena is jealous because her and Lyold had something on the DL.And the fact that the twins have been featured on Akon's new single Troublemaker (will hit u up when the video comes out) isn't helping issues.
Im gonna be here twidling my thumbs and waiting for a girl-fight.Too bad the girls don't wear weaves or else we would see those flying in all directions.Who do u think wud win the fight?My money is on Teyena.Who do u think?I have one word for Teyena:HI

PS:I didn't make this ish up.It's all courtesy of

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