Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How Kwaito came about...

See why they say we should respect our ancestors by respecting our culture: our ancestors had a purpose by creating African tradition...they made their own tribal dances and as time changed..new things come out of the tribal dances. I'm talking about the Dikgomo mix i found on youtube, showing a traditional dance from South Africa- watch carefully the way they move with their feet- its awesome! This is excatly the way Kwaito dancing goes today! I read somewhere that Kwaito came out of this traditional dance- Now, think about it..without this dance, do you think Kwaito would have existed?

Check out the ladies and their costumes..pure African creation & there is a little girl somewhere in the video killing it! ;) Enjoy the video and appreciate our own culture!

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Mazuba said...

Very nice post J.C