Saturday, December 20, 2008

Akon spotted+Pleads Guilty on Fan charges.

If anyone has been following Akon's "foolwang "(I love that word) activities,(throwing fans into crowds,dry humping 15 year olds,hitting fans in Guyana + other stuff we havent heard abt yet)you would knw that he was in court recently for throwing a fan off stage in Poughkeepsie Ny .After insisting that he wasn't guilty (despite the fact that the actual video of him doing that has been on youtube and every other blog site),the senegalese star finally changed his mind and plead Guilty.According to XXL,
"USA Today is reporting that in exchange for the guilty plea, the Senegalese born hip-hop hookman will not have to serve any time behind bars if he does 65 hours of community service. Along with the sentence, Kon will also have to pay a $250 fine."
well at least he won't go to jail.He needs to go on tour to promote his latest album "Freedom",which debuted on the Billboards 200 and has sold 173,900 copies so far.
The pic above was taken at Tina Nguyen (makeup artists). bday party recently

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