Saturday, December 20, 2008

Angel are U serious?Lola love get's in promo mode+New single/BdayPics

So someone told Ethiopian model Lola Love ,real name:Angel Melaku that she can sing,(I'm looking at U 50 cent!),and the vixen just released promo pics for her single ,"Boss Bitch".(Way 2 name a first single "Boss Bitch").I guess she's trying 2 appeal to the rappers that she "models" (cough cough) for.Anyhoo,here are the promo pics.They are way better than her song if u ask me .Except the hair is too Rihanna.And that tatoo that looks like a hickey is bugging me.I see the ethiopian scarf in one of the pics..nice..and whats up with her showing her spanx in her bday pics like she's the spokesperson for spanx?
Miss Melaku celebrated her bday abt a week ago and performed her single there.Peep the pics and single.What do u think?Should she quit her day job?
Peep her performance video by clicking here