Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ghanian wins Face of Africa and Africans fail to win "Miss world 2008"

Face of Africa,the continental search for Africa's Best Top Models,ended recently ,and the winner is Ghana's Kate Techie Menson.She beat fellow contestants who made it to the finals like Noxi from Zambia ,Hiwot from Ethiopia and others.
According to,
"Kate Tachie Menson goes home with $50,000 cash prize and a $50,000-modeling contract (Sh3.9 million) from Oluchi Ongweagba-Orlandi’s company, “O Model Africa”. Many would remember Oluchi as the shy 19 year old Nigerian ‘bread-hawker’ girl that won the first Mnet show in 1998. Oluchi later made some remarkable transition to become a supermodel on contracts with top notch designer including Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Dior, and Donna Karan."
The prize was presented by Nigerian model Oluchi.
Here is some footage of the event.
In related pagentary news,Miss World was held in Joburg SA and despite there being two africans in the top 5 (Tanzee Coate from SA ) and Brigith Dos Sanstos from Angola,none of the two ladies were able to convince the judges to make them Miss World '08.Maybe next year,huh?


J.C Sapulene said...

OMG,, her expression! she's soo pretty,, paja who was it last year? it was a nigerian girl huh? ey i liked the part when the guys was like "now u know how tall i really am"..."its good down here" hahah eish koma that girl looked super tall! i like the post,, good job maz

Mazuba said...

Nah the one who won last year i think was frm namibia..she just did a photoshoot in my country..maybe i'll put her up..