Saturday, January 3, 2009

Interview with Face of Africa Winner Kate Menson.+West African Top Model?

I did a post the last time I blogged about Kate Menson ,who is the Ghanian that walked away with a modelling contract,nokia accessories and most importantly,the title of "Face of Africa " 2008.Here is an interview with her that was taken a few days after she won.


Speaking of modelling ,Oluchi,the winner of the first ever Face of Africa competition ,will be hosting West Africa 's version of "Top Model".Auditions are being held,and sixteen contestants will work those runways to try to be west africa's first top model.Apparently,this will be a continental show ,as after west africa,the rest of the regions will host "Top Model shows".Two questions ,:Will Tyra Banks make personal appearances?Will we have a cute judge like Nigel Barker,a Miss Jay and mr Jay,and someone as crazy as Janice was when she was a judge?If not,I won't even bother .Cuz Top Model is not Top Model without Miss Jay.I'll be waiting..Wanna be ontop?For more info,go to
Peep the Promo here .

West Africa's Top Model Promo.

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