Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Music Fix:Sweet Rush new video /Giant Interview/Song with Akon/Water Campaign.

I did a post on these two pretty somalian sisters Siham and Iman a while back,and since their debut album will be out early this year (2009),I wanted you to get a feel of their music ..because I have a feeling that they will be blowing up this year (and I'm usually right).Their video for their single , "Hot Sauce" is out .I like the video,but I am not feeling their voices on that track.I think their other songs are better ,but like I said,they will be hot soon,so get a headstart.Plus,as I mentioned before,they were featured in GIANT MAGAZINE's last issue and I have their interview .Not feeling the whole story about how they want to live together forever(Weird,even for sisters)..or how they want to star in a Lord Of the Rings -Type African version.(WTF?)They also did a song with Akon,called Trouble maker(can't wait till I see the video .Akon will prob try to "dry hump them "),and a campaign for water.

Quotes from the article.
Do you think your Somalian roots have affected who you are as artists today?

Siham: Definitely. From a cultural perspective, we don’t necessarily talk about certain things in our songs.
Like what?

Siham: Drinking. In-your-face sexual stuff. It’s kind of a cultural thing. We’re not very open about things like that.

Do you ever feel pressured to do that? Sex does sell.

Iman: I think definitely from working with other writers and producers, they want us to loosen up. But as far as our label, they like the way we are and they want to keep that image.
Read the full article here and check out their myspacepage




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