Saturday, January 3, 2009

Spotted:!Akon and Djimon+Is Akon cheating?

Akon was spotted at some Xmas party over xmas ,as well as at some Moet and Chandary (whatever that is event)and Djimon and Kimora were spotted lounging around in Hawaii with Kim's kids Aoki and Ming Lee.Im wondering when the wedding is ..or when they are gonna confirm that they have been "secretly married/engaged"..remember ,when that ish gets confirmed,u heard it here .
Okay,now to Akon .The senegalese "Freedom " singer was spotted at an La Lakers game this weekend with some arm candy .And I doubt that she is one of his "wives" who I think are african .So what's the deal here Akon?Is he cheating,is she one of the wives?Wait,I just googled "Akon wives",and states that "only one of the wives is [a native of Africa], the other two are American ".So maybe she is one of his wives.So what do you think?Is she or isn't she?Let me knw!And is it just me or is Akon's chick looking worried?I would be if I was caught on camera with a married man who has not one ,but three wives.Hmm..(twidling my fingers and waiting for the drama to start..I'll be here 2 report)

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