Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dare is that You?/New Music and Dare ties the knot!

Welcome to my new series "I didn't Know You Still existed" where I will feature artists that were once in the spotlight ,but vanished for a while ..and are now back!My first post on this exciting new series features Dare Art Alade,who was first runner up on the "Project Fame show",which aired in South Africa in 2004 or 2005 .It was a singing show where 16 contestants performed infront of a live audience every week ,and one contestant was voted off.So he had an album and some videos on Channel O, now,he's back with a new video called "Not the Girl".If this guy writes his own songs,I salute him.I love the song,the lyrics,the video..very professional looking.I love it.What do u think?Do u agree or disagree?Let me knw!Oh and apparently ,Dare got married 6 months ago to Deola Ayeni.According to my sources,the chick is a business woman who has a multi-million dollar contract.Congrats!


Here's another good song that's about 6 months old.

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Anonymous said...

uhmmm not feeling the song...but i heart d vid...