Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tanzanian on the apprentice faces Racism?+first African Playmate of the year is frm TZ!+shoutouts!

First things first,tanzania is def representing!Mona Lewis is a tanzanian former beauty queen who is now a senior business manager and is now repping for TZ on the uk version of the apprentice (love that show).So anyway,unfortunately ,apparently ,one of her teamates caused controversy when she would not allow the tanzanian to be featured in the ad that the group was creating because
"We have already got an ethnic minority. If we have two ethnic minorities, it will be like we are advertising for The Ethnic Minorities Sportswear Club". Thats what her Iranian team-mate said .She then went on to say that their white male colleague should be in the ad because " He looks so much better."Okay...smh that these issues still exist.Gud luck 2 Mona !

So ,incase u've been hiding under a rock ,u wud know that the first African was featured as playmate of the year.Ida Ljunqvist is half Tanzanian and half sweedish and will be featured in the july issue of playboy (guys ,u can start won a madza car .Yeah ,I would be happy with getting a mazda car for posing nude Mr Heffner..isnt he rich to get her a better car?oh well..
U knw the story does'nt end there ,cuz apparently Miss Ida is involved in a bitter divorce with her husband Joshua Rang,is having an affair with another dude ,and was on some website looking for men with "cash".Hmm..seems like the playboy money is running out.Maybe she should ask Hugh if she can move into the mansion?

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