Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Randomness PART 2: Ny Housewife's husband leaves her for ethiopian/Idris kisses and tells about Beyonce/Isiah W kicked out of his house?

Busy week with the randomness so let's get started.

If anyone watches the Real Housewives of New York,u may be familiar with Lu an Delesseps.Otherwise known as the countess.Of what i wonder?Anyway,just as she was celebrating her 16th wedding anniversary ,she got an email from he husband asking for a divorce and telling her that he was leaving her for an Ethiopian

Moving on,congrats to Idris Elba as his movie Obsessed was the number one movie when it opened.Click here for more on that
Apparently ,there was a rumor circulating around the blogosphere that him and B had beef ,but that was all put to rest when he talked about the kissing scenes that he had to do with B.According to one of my fave blogs (after this one ofcourse.),
"The pair became close on day one, when director Steve Shill demanded they pucker up for a passionate kiss just minutes after meeting each other.

Elba explains, “It was weird when I met her - within 20 minutes we had to kiss. I wasn’t complaining. It was full on, we had to do these pictures for the wall and it was full on kissing. I was like, ‘Oh god, I’m kissing Beyonce, I can’t believe it.’”

But not all the scenes between the pair were as fun to film for Elba. Idris says, “There’s a scene where Beyonce goes nuts at me and that was pretty scary.”

Isiah Washington ,former star of Grey's Anatomy who just traced his ancestry and is from sierraleone got evicted from his house after failing to make payments.According to ,"He and his wife faced eviction after falling $100,000 behind on rent, according to documents filed in Santa Monica, Calif. on Tuesday. They were told they needed to move out unless they paid the overdue amount". SHAME.

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