Tuesday, June 3, 2008

African Fashion Show at Queens College.

This has been long overdue but I've finally gotten off my lazy butt .I attended my first African Fashion show in New York at Queens college and here are the pics,video and an interview with one of the models ,my sexy friend Monica.I apologize for the video not being 100% perfect but I can't afford a camera crew.lol

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Interview with Monica.

Me :How did u get involved in the fashion show?

Monica :I first heard it from Martha, so I asked her to ask the person who was in charge if I couLd be in it. Before I knew it, I was told to go to Queens College and audition. The person who organized the show is Latifa, a very sweet girl. She told me I was going to participate in the show because she loved the way I walked. lol...

me :Which one was your favorite outfit?

Monica :wow, they were so many great outfits as you soo, but girl, i was feeling the traditional wear, i still go crazy when ever i look at the pictures, lol..that dress was so elegant but yet sexxxyy at the same time. lol..you got to love that...i have to say when ever i wear traditional clothes i feeel like a real woman and that also reminds me of back home.

ME :How did u prepare for the show?Was there any crazyness and drama backstage?

MONICA :lmao, crazyness, hell yeah!!....i got there early enough so i could make sure my makeup and clothes were ready...everything was good until the show started, there was running around, throwing clothes everywear and putting on gresalin lol so that we can shine on stage... overall it was fun...another good thing was no drama and no fighting.

ME :Do you think that the fashion show educated people about African Fashion? Yes

monica :ofcourse it did, but i think it would have been better....those he had no idea what Africa is hopefully learned something and went home to google it lol....i say it could have been batter by having to tell the audiance of how Africa has developed over the years, but then it was just "The African Fashion Show"...on the other hand hopefully we helped to open peoples eyes...

ME:Any more plans to model ?Well u have to model for our fashion show in the fall.Thats not an option girl..lol

MONICA :i love modeling but i just do it for fun you know....wow girl you are jokking right lmao....you are crazy.......i would love toooo, hopefully it will be on a day that i have no school or something.....

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