Monday, June 23, 2008

We doing summer African Style ! Part 2

Hello everyone ,U knw that excited feeling you get when u think something fun is about to happen?Well I can feel it!I have so much more instore for you on this blog.I'm gonna be putting more of more personal videos up there I head 2 nyc and ask people wh at they know about Africa.This summer I will be working as an assistant to scriptwriter Fafi as he writes his newest film series which will be set in my country-Yeah!Im so excited about that opportunity as writing is my number one passion .Im like beyond honored that he chose me.Well I'll also be interviewing him for the blog.

Hmm..what else?I will be working on my sch newspaper and I hope to use that to write stories about the African Club ...we have so many plans for our club as well..will be crazy.

I'm thinking of going into business as well and promoting Africa ,maybe creating an African magazine targeted to African teenagers .Kind of like Seventeen mag or Cosmogirl meets Africa.It would be an online magazine as well.It would probably be free.

I'm thinking of getting my friends together for a fashion shoot that would have us all dressed up in our national gear.It wouldn't be sold...just for us.
And my search for a nice African boyfriend has finally ended let's hope this lasts ...
So I will basically have more personal how-to vidoes,go to hot african spots in nyc and handle being Vp of the African club,maybe CEO of my own business...all in one crazy summer .You'll get to see the drama and everything else as I put the ball in motion for an African revolution /Movement.Oh I almost forgot..we might be performing at the Africa Day parade on August 25th.Lol..i feel like Im getting my own reality show!

Love always ...Maz..the official Afrilicious girl...Mwah!

Remember ..Africa Rocks always !

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