Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I love AFRICA!!

This came about because my friend was saying that it seems like all my links on facebook are about Africa in some way...which is true.Maybe I'm OBSESSED with Africa?No...the thing is,I mix business with pleasure..most of the stuff I read about concerning Africa is useful information for me on the various sites I write for.and I have a genuine interest in my continent..maybe its because of my upbringing,maybe its because Im the PR of African Student Association at SUNY ALBANY..maybe thats why I started the blog,maybe thats why I started Club Africa Alive in my old school..maybe thats why I write for african magazines...idk...I just love AFRICA..I love african food,i like to discuss African politics,fashion ,music,entertainment.I love attending African events...Im a LOA(Lover of Africa) i guess...

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