Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tila Tequila has some advice for Amber Rose..+Angel Lola can make ur bed Rock

Tila Tequila thinks she has the solution to making Amber Rose a household name..she is quoted as saying ,"I mean kiss a girl in public, slap Yeezy, proclaim your love for Oprah! Anything, if this is the game you want to play, play it like a Kardashian (well, you don’t have to be that desperate!)

"Amber, you still my girl, but milk it as much as you can while you’re still here, cuz in the Hollywood world, one minute you’re hot shit, and the next, they don’t even remember your name. So my advice to you? Start up a business, start a perfume line, pitch a tv show, or DO SOMETHING aside from just being Kanye’s girl. Word is your ass needs more media training … get some! Date Reggie Bush, he’s single now and more man than Kanyeezy will evah be!" okay..and what exactly is Tila up to herself apart from calling herself a "CEO" of a Music Label..

Speaking of Amber ,her boo Kanye posted some high fashion pics of her on his site..

and Lola Love teamed up with her friends Diamond ,Kandy and others to do a bed-rock remix..check it..


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