Thursday, September 17, 2009

Akon shoots new Video(pics!)+dosen't have 7 wives+running for Prez?

I guess Akon remembered that the best girls reside in Africa and decided to shoot a video in South Africa while he was there recently.I dont know if this will be a track from his "Freedom "Album or from some new song.Ne way,peep the pics.

Speaking of women,in an interview with Arise Magazine ,Akon says that the craziest rumor he has ever heard about himself is that he has "7 wives".He never mentioned how many he does have .
"..People believe it.Then everytime you see me I'm with a beautiful model.You want beautiful girls next to you because it brings money".
He then went on to say that he plans to retire in 2015 .
"Im going to be in Africa sipping pina coladas.A place in senegal and one in Capetown.Can you Imagine?"..(umm..*blank stare)
Speaking about politics ,he says ,"I see myself attached to politics,but not fully fledged.Attached-and standing next to the Us president"
Okay then...

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