Thursday, September 17, 2009

Did You know they Were African?feat Amber Rose /Boris Kodjoe./Noemie Lenoir

So u all knw who Amber Rose is ya?No intro needed.U knw shes Kanye West's boo ,is now a model (*cough),is bi and was a stripper at a club in Mt Vernon ,NY.
What you may not have known about this bleach-blond,buzzcut-cat eye-contact wearing girl is that she is African.Well ..shes part African.Her mama is Cape Vedrdian and her dad is Italian -American.I doubt we'll be racing to claim her.Maybe if Kanye goes on tour she can discover Africa .

Moving on ,that hawt and sexy light-skinded (just how I like them) man Boris Kodjoe from "Brown Sugar" and Madea (among other movies ) is part african as well.His dad was a Ghanian physician and his mum was German.(Yummy Yummy)...hes too fine!I need to INTERVIEW HIM!LOL...

Lastly,Noemi Lenoir who is a vic secret model and was hooking up with Russel Simmons for a while is part Afrcan.
On ,she said ""I come from very humble beginnings in a French ghetto ,with my my mother being of African descent..I am African and I know the struggle of Africans…".Her mother was from the Reunion and Malagasy islands.

So there u have it!

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